Dr Divanovic will do everything in his power to assure that both you and your baby leave the labour ward or theatre safe and healthy.

Dr Divanovic has chosen to deliver babies at Sandton Mediclinic.

You may be interested in taking childbirth preparation classes, which teach coping methods for labour and delivery, and help guide new parents in the many decisions they will make before and during the birth process. The classes are offered at Sandton Mediclinic as well as by many midwifes in Sandton area.

It is important to recognise the signs of labour so that you will know when you are experiencing the ”real thing”. Typically, the signs of labour include uterine contractions, tightening of your stomach and cramps in your lower back. About two thirds of women experience this signs before their waters break. If you are unsure about what is happening, don’t forget that the staff at Sandton Mediclinic labour ward are available 24 hours a day on 011 709 2330 to answer any questions.

During your antenatal visits with Dr Divanovic, he will answer all your questions regarding different options for delivery, pain relief, as well as the signs and symptoms before labour that you must pay attention to.